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The music by Miesha & The Spanks has to do with passion and fun. If you want to be part of a band, you need motivation, talent, and confidence to build a following. The following steps will help you start on your way to becoming the next success, while the raisins well and produces spectacular music.
From drums main soldiers on to struggle, spiritual ceremonies for Louie or just unwinding following a extensive day of performing the land, music is entwined in human record of Miesha and The Spanks.

Search musicians

spanks-rehearsing-albumYour band can be only you, but want to split the costs of gasoline with someone to start doing tours, right? Usually, for a rock banking, you need at least a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist/pianist and a drummer. Lead singer can play an instrument or not. Of course, it all depends on what kind of plan to band and what kind of music are going to play. What do you feel is right for you?

Musical Aptitude test for aspiring Instrumental Music program is conducted in two stages on Friday, September 16th, 2016, being mandatory present in both.

Note that you must select the instrument and confirm.

  1. General Test, which corresponds to the assessment of previous musical skills and knowledge possessed by each applicant.
  2. Accurate test which corresponds to the evaluation of competencies for the instrument.
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General musical aptitude test

Time: 8:00 am

It is an exercise of musical character in which the functioning of the structures of the “Miesha Inner Ear Musical“, about three of the four fundamental elements of music values: rhythm, melody, and harmony. In each of the exercises (following a study by ACE), the aspirant will have to use resources: musical memory, auditory discrimination musical phenomenon, attention, tuning, concentration, and singing voice and previous knowledge related to musical notes and rhythm.

right picChoose your gender. If they can not agree on a genre, a little touch two (or three?) Or do a mix and create their gender. Make everyone bring a CD of your favorite music mixes. Listen to each CD and then can get an idea of what everybody likes. Did someone already has written songs? Excellent! What about the band sounds when touched?
  • The Internet offered several places to find bandmates, as Band-mix. If you have colleagues who want to get on board, use these resources.
    • Facebook also works for almost everything.
  • Put some ads in cafes, music stores or even in your car window if you’re brave. Where can they be who are looking for? Go there. Free nights turn microphone? Yes. Pubs and bars? As well.
  • Do not use only one, uses as much as you can to increase your options.
    • It will help if the musician has some musical education. At the very least, someone has to be the voice of reason that others may not be.
  • It is not always important to choose people who play “better”. In many cases, the bands of musicians who get along well, have fun and are willing to learn to play together, will sound better than other groups that are made up of good players with big egos.

Differences in Style

Find your best look. Now that you have members and gender, what projects you guys? What audience do you want? The appearance must be consistent and final on all members. All in Louie’s new album.
Most importantly, choose songs that feel well and in which the singer look good. Try many different songs at the beginning and see what fits the tastes and skills of the musicians like Miesha & The Spanks.
Consider making a contractor “agreement of the band”. It’s hard to get four or five musicians with separate lives and commit to each other with the musical project. A member of the band that is never available for testing or presentations can kill a group. This “contract” will offer some protection to what a member can do with the name, payment, the right Miesha and The Spanks songs, equipment, etc. when leaving the band. With all the increase inside of the new independent music scene, numerous artists’ assistance was done on their own. Learn more about M and The Spanks.

Band Similarities

miesha_and_the_spanksYou are looking for a place to practice. Is it in someone’s basement? A garage? Will they keep all the equipment there? Get permission from the property owner to choose as a place of practice. That is legitimate for every type of reside music, as orchestral based mostly performances and companies are relying on stay displays to help their corporation.
Solve it now will help you avoid future fights. Keep in mind, however, that it is common for these kinds of issues discourage any member of the band. So make sure that they agree and everything is set before being forced to sign a contract with him. Do write to an impartial third party (or search templates on the Internet). If a person writes, it could be seen as an imposition.


band-practiceBecoming a good band takes time and effort. The training will ensure that you and your bandmates develop a good understanding. Also, the recording time is expensive. The more practice they have, the faster they can get in and out of the study. As an artist, you’re probably not made of money.

A good work ethic is essential to success. If someone is not willing to practice, you will be dead weight that you should delete. Make it a routine practice. The band should be a priority if taken seriously.

Start writing songs. Write as much as possible, without sacrificing quality for quantity. However, you should know that to be considered in a presentation you need to have a repertoire of at least 11 or 12 songs for a place.

A support band can be at least 4-5 songs, so try to take the best five songs and open for more known bands, to get used to the stage.
You might want to set your copyright works. You can do it at It is a relatively simple process. All you need to do is fill out a rights artist (not a form of sound recording), which will come later when you sign an agreement to make a record.

Find a name

You can” choose something meaningful… or just something that sounds great. Usually, the complete band decides the name. The best names are usually short and easy to read and write. Thus, they are easier to remember. That is called “branding”! On the other hand, do not use a name that either a registered trademark, unless you plan to be a tribute band.

Investigate other bands. If your band is based in Seattle and is called “scientists hockey” and there is a Portland band called “Doctors golf,” you may prefer to go in another direction.
If you can not find a name, make everyone think five adjectives and five nouns, then try to reach an agreement by the name using each of these.

Records a demo or a disc. This will be your best piece of promotional material. It can be sold in presentations, used for recording contracts, agents, managers, etc. It can also be used to promote themselves followers through the Internet.

Currently, the best promotional tool to achieve professional Internet industry. As always, you must also use Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.
Consider recording a small fragment of several songs to send to managers bars and the like. You can send a short email to tell them that you love to play in their establishment. And with 30 seconds of your time and the click of a button, you can listen to your music. It is a step forward.

Musicians and bands who are also looking to advertise by themselves will discover this resource website a fantastic method of connecting with new Broadway fans and finding new bands to put on shows. So long as artists maintain pushing the artistic envelope, we audio lovers will keep coming.

Join M and The Spanks

Begin looking presentations. You’ll probably want to create a press kit. In the music industry, this is the equivalent of a resume. Establishments will watch your electronic press kit before deciding whether to hire you or not. The current industry standard is Sonic Bids. Playing live is the goal. It’ll give you some money, exposure and feel spectacular.

  • To join M and The Spanks, you’ll need graphics. Any member of the band has experience in graphic design? If not, does anyone have any contact? You do not need a logo in any way. But you need images for flyers, etc., which attract people to your events.
  • Try to get a photographer for a quick session either an essay or a presentation. Your image is a fast and efficient solution to put on a poster that has little graphic content.
  • Purchase equipment. Many places say “We love to have them here, but we do not have an amplification system.” Well, guess what? You have your own. Problem solved. You can also charge more for that!
  • When doing so, invest in a proper recording equipment, if you do not have it yet. The less time you spend in a studio hired better recording.

Spread the word. Make fliers and carry them with you to work or school and paste in the main locations for your potential audience (and in places that have permission to do so). See if you can make your friends help you with this to make work faster.

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